NEW RELEASE :: Vampire Diaries Character Set

YAY ME! I can't begin to tell you how LONG this set has been in the making! Lets just say that the VD Freebie kit was supposed to be part of this set, but I wasn't completely happy with it's turn out so I made it a freebie instead of PTU. I first had the idea for all of these kits during the first season of VD, and as any VD fan knows we're in season 2 now, LOL! I've been searching for such a long time for the right elements that would give these kits the right edge, and I managed to find them last week! So without further ado, here are my 7 Vampire Diaries Character Kits. You can get them all together for $15 or seperately for $3 each! Get it at PMTw/S Today!

There's Elana, loving and compassionate.
Stefan, the compassionate vampire torn between dark and light.

Damon, the evil vampire who's turned to darkness out of revenge and a broken heart.

Katherine, modeled after her in the 1860's, mysterious with a secret soft side.

Bonnie, the strong best friend with a magical twist.

Caroline, pre-vampire, full of bubbly charisma.

And Jeremy, the younger brother witha tortured soul!

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