I Love Twilight

OK! I know I might be a little late to jump on the band wagon, but as a mom that doesn't get to go to theaters that much I haven't been able to see the movie until now. It finally came out on DVD and I bought it of course and watched it for the first time. The movie is fantastic and I am SOOO in love with it. As a matter of fact, love might be an understatement. I'm more like obsessed with it. I haven't read the books yet so I've already bought the first 2 online so I can catch up. Once I finish those 2 I will buy the others as well. I even went to the store and found the cutest Twilight bag and of I course I had to buy it!

So with all of that being said, and now with my new obsession, I of course had to make my very own Twilight sig! I used a FTU kit from Pim'd Tag Scraps called B&W! It's a wonderful kit and I just love the fact that she is also a major fan of Twilight. She even has Twilight inspired scrap kits for sale which I also plan on buying soon! If you haven't even seen the movie then you should definitely see it, the second movie is said to be coming out Nov. 20th of this year, so you know I'm so gonna be there! LOL

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