Twilight Button Freebie

Ok so my Twilight obsession has gone a step further. I finally finished all 4 books and I am so in love! hehe! I started to make some Twilight character buttons and couldn't stop there! I made buttons for all of my fave characters and even some quotes. These buttons are 150x150 pixels, perfect for display or for tags. I've seperated them into 2 sets. The first set is a total of 20 characters pics,; 2 each of Alice, Jasper, Emmett, Rosalie, Jacob, and Bella, with 4 each of Edward, and Edward with Bella. The second set are 20 quotes and sayings like "You are my life now" and "Team Edward", with the 4 book covers. These images are not copyrighted by me so I cannot give you CU rights. Please only use these for PU!

Character Buttons: Download
Quote Buttons: Download

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