Sad News

I'm extremely sad to report that since having my computer sent out to be fixed, the computer guys have called to inform me that my hard drive was no more! To my dismay, I did NOT back up ANY of my files, including those that I use to create my wonderful scrapkits with! With that being said, I will be taking some more time off from kit designing until I can get my CU collection back to a decent standard. I will have to scouse the blogs for all of the freebies I've downloaded, including checking all the stores that I've ever purchased anything from. I will try to create some tutorials in the meantime, while I collect more kits and tubes that I've lost and so on! I hope this process doesn't take long, as I love to design these beatiful kits for everyone to enjoy, but I will be absent for as long as it takes! The kit contest is going to be open for another week or 2, until I get my computer back and can put the proper time into the promotion of it! More info will be available on this by the end of the week! Thank you all for your wonderful support in my work, and sorry to those wonderful people who have left me awards and I have yet to post them! I will try to get my blog back up to date when I get my computer back!

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