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So I absolutely love doing tutorials by Missy at Divine Intentionz (and I also love using her templates, but anyway), so when I came across her latest tut for Twilight Blends I absolutely fell in love! I tried her tut and tries to make some of my own and I thing I'm addicted, LOL! Well, I just wanted to show off my work so here they are! You can find her tutorial on how to make these blends HERE.
Here is the blend I made while following the tutorial.
Here are some blends I tried to make on my own! Of course I did some more Twilight ones, but I also decided to do some of my other fave shows and did True Blood and Supernatural. I love the way the Supernatural one came out with the Winchester Boys! I hope you all enjoy!

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  1. Wow these are fantastic hun!! Awesome job on my tutorial :0)
    Hugs xx



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