New Moon Tomorrow

Ok ok ok, I know that I don't do this often but I am so excited that I have to talk about it! Normally I don't believe in going to far off topic when it comes to my blog but since I 've dedicated my layout to Twilight Saga: New Moon I thought I had to share this! So, as all of us Twilight Fanatics know (and as you may see in my countdown at the bottom of this blog), New Moon comes tomorrow! YAAAYYYYYY! I'm going to the noon showing and I'm actually REALLY jealous now of those that have midnight tickets for tonight! But since I have a 2 year old and no baby sitter I have to wait til tomorrow to go, :( . But all is well, atleast I get to see the movie on it's first day! I'm really just hoping that my daughter acts right in the theater because I have to take her with me! I already baught her tons of candy and I plan on buying her some popcorn and all that jazz, especially since this is her first time going to the movie theater! I know, it's kinda sad that her first visit to the theater is to see what mommy wants to see, but she actually watches Twilight now so I hope it will be ok! Anywho, I just wanted to share this little video with everyone! It's nothing totally special but I like it!

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