I just saw this at The Okie Toothfairy and soooooo had to post it! I was LOL-ing serously! I think I have 11/15 of these!

You know your a Digi-Scrapper when.....

1. You only take three family photos becauseyou *know* you can Photoshop it later soit looks like everyone was really smiling atthe same time.

2. You drop everything to take a photo ofyour daughter’s socks because they matcha kit you just bought.

3. You start identifying fonts used on ads,billboards & TV shows (btw, The TV showPrivate Practice uses the font Marydale fortheir credits. )

4. You need an EHD exclusively to store digiscrappingsupplies.

5. You have a 2nd EHD as back up to your1st EHD filled with digiscrapping supplies.

6. You book a hotel for vacation primarily becauseit has free wireless internet.

7. Forget flowers – for your birthday or Valentine’sDay, you ask for an EHD, a newcamera lens or a tablet.

8. You can’t flip through a magazine withoutmaking mental notes of possible layoutcompositions.

9. You know you’re an international digiscrapperwhen you know how much a dollarcosts in your own currency.

10. You know how to insert a link in html code.

11. You know all kinds of strange abbreviations–SA, TLP, DST, LDD, FPD, WST, SPD, etc.

12. You have the weekly sale days memorizedfor 15 of your most favorite stores.

13. You get confused at the dentist when theymention your needing an “extraction,” andyou pull out your latest layout to showthem the technique.

14. Most of your Facebook friends are fromanother country.

15. You are shocked when PayPal is not anoption at the grocery store.

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