My Pixel Work

Hello hello hello everyone! I wanted to take a brief moment out to let everyone know about the new link up in the linkbar called My Pixel Work! There you can find some cute and wonderful pixel art that I have done! Some items are scenes and even calendars that I have created using pixel tubes from my doodlebug membership, while others may be ones that I've dolled (put my own clothes on) from a pixel artists's base, either way it will have proper credit and links by it so you can maybe find the work as well! I really enjoy to pixel and as I practice and get better I hope you all enjoy it and view my work along the way! :) I do allow you to use what you see there for your blog but PLEASE link it back to my blog here! If you do not want to follow the TOU that I have set forth on there then please don't snag them! Thanks so much for reading and have a wonderful day everyone! :)

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