Update on Me!

So sorry everyone that I haven't been posting lately and haven't a freebie in awhile! I've been in the process of moving from Texas to Colorado and we just recently got our internet turned back on. Been living for the past 2-3 weeks without furniture and it's finally coming tomorrow, including my personal computer. When I get it and everything unpacked then I will start on some PTU kits and of course a freebie for all you awesome followers!

I also want to take this time to thank everyone for commenting in my CBox and leaving me lots of love! I read everything! Also if you asked me a question in the widget to the right then make sure to go to http://www.formspring.com/ChassityO for the answers. I've been answering everything as best as I can and I know I said that I would post a tutorial on flair in one of the questions so I will be getting to that soon as well!

Thank you everyone and be back again soon!!!!

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