Oh Baby! PTU Kit and a Freebie

So awhile back I had gotten an anonymous request for a kit that represented expecting mothers in some way. Since I'm also expecting I thought this was a cute idea and so I began looking for elements that would work well in this theme but of course I didn't find a lot that were my style. I did find some elements that were more baby and so I decided to do a kit that hopefully will represent both ideas together. I made one kit that features both boys and girls, this way the elements are slightly intgerchangable and if someone has both boys and girls (like I will) then they don't need to purchase seperate kits. It's a PTU kit but I decided to create a little Add-On (a first for me) that I hope you can enjoy and use with this awesome kit. This kit has the two color schemes as shown and though some of the elements and things are in both blue and pink, many of the items are different but similar to match the one of the other color. I hope that made sense. Either way, there are a total of 46 elements, 8 frames, and 18 papers. I also created the two tags below to show off some of the elements. I made one for my son that I'm expecting, and one for my daughter. :)
Available at
My daughter Cecilia.
My unborn son, Cassiel.

Here is the Add On Freebie for you that I hope you enjoy as well. It has a total of 22 elements, 4 frames, and 8 papers that go well with the PTU kit.



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