New Kit :: The Cullens

So I have a few more kits to create for the Twilight Collection and then I'll be all done! This is the latest kit I've created and pretty unique as far as other Twilight ideas I've seen. To me, the entire book series practically revolves around the Cullens and their influence not only on Bella, but also the fact that they are the reason thde wolves exist in La Push. They also seem to be the center of all the conflicts. With this in mind I had to create a kit that was influenced by their family dinamic. When I read the books I always think of their esthetic as being light and fun, and they also always seem to be portraid in blue tones in the movies so that played a part as well. I really hope you enjoy this kit as it is versatile enough for just about anything!
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  1. No está disponible en esas tiendas.

    Como puedo conseguir este scrap? Me pueden ayudar, por favor?

    This scrap it is not available in these store, can you help me to get it please?



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