Miss Independent Collab

It's time for another Collab from the girls at PMTw/S! In case you haven't noticed, it's an independence theme for those upcoming 4th tags, and it's called Miss Independent! The best part about it is it's a Mix and Match Collab. That means you can mix and match pieces from each kit to make a single tag because they go together and match. You can also choose to buy them each separately, or you can buy them all at once for one low price! Trust me, you're gonna love each and every kit in this Collab that you'll definitely want to buy them all at the same time for the Collab price. This is a close up of my portion from the Collab. Make sure you go on out and get them now at PMTw/S.

:: Miss Independent Collab :: My Kit (if you wanna buy separate) ::

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