Taggers Art E-Magazine is Hiring

No writing experience needed!

If you can ask questions, be friendly, email, be persistent, do follow-ups and have a working knowledge of Microsoft Word/Office 2007 then we need you!

We are currently in need of the following :

Promotion's Manager - You would be in charge of organizing tag contests and getting prizes from our affiliates. You would also be in charge of contacting the winners and making sure they receive their prizes.

Artist Writer - Get to know artists first hand! Contact artists, write up questions and put the final interview together in a neat, orderly fashion. You must be good at following up with the artists and meeting deadlines.

General Writer - This position will change monthly, depending on what is needed.
Again, Microsoft Word/Office 2007 is needed.

We always strive in having fun but being professional. We do have deadlines, and we do expect a common courtesy when dealing with customers, readers, winners and artists equally.
What's in it for you? If you are a designer, tutorial artist or forum owner, you will receive
a FREE sponsor membership, which allows you to receive FREE advertising and a promotion spot in the magazine anytime you'd like (designers only).
If you would like to be considered for any of the positions above, please contact the editor by visiting the TA website at http://www.taggers-art.com and selecting the link on the left, or taggers.art.magazine@gmail.com.

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