New Autumn Blog Set Freebie

Man O Man, I love making blog sets but I honestly haven't had the time to do any in a LONG TIME!  So, now I'm trying my best to not only bring you guys some awesome freebies but also to give you some new blog sets!  Yay!

Ok, so with that being said, I created this awesome blog set from my PTU kit Fall Days!  It's chocked full of everything you need to outfit your blog!  It has 2 & 3 column backgrounds, blank header, column header, matching signature, post divider, and even a blank blinkie banner!  With that you can personalize it with just a static name or maybe make your own blinkie out of it, who knows!  Either way you're all set to decorate your blog for the season!  Make sure you head on over to the PolkaDottie blog to download it!

:: See It Now ::

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