FREEBIES :: Designer Previews

I think Designer Previews can be one of the most important parts of branding yourself in the scrap world.  A good preview is what it takes to make someone want to download your kits, and a good template can be just as eye catching.  The style of preview template you have can show the viewer what type of designer you are and what to expect from your kits.  The best part it that you can always change your preview template as time goes on.

I've been wanting to create some awesome preview templates for you guys for some time and here they are!  Once I got started I just couldn't stop and I managed to create 4 different styles.  Feel free to download them and use them for your own kit previews!  :)  Leave some love if you download!


  1. Oh, they are great!
    Thanks so much - snagged the 2nd and think I will use them!
    Hope you're doing good.

  2. These are really nice, thanks so much

  3. thank you! maybe I'll use the second ;)



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