Breakfast Fun and Speedy PTU Kits

I have two new kits in store for you today and I must say they are super cute!  I've been trying to go back to some more of my more cute kits with fun whimsical appeal!  I hope you guys like these kits and that you'll like these themes in the future!

So I created Breakfast Fun as a fun take on breakfast being the most important meal of the day!  In that case then why not create a kit for it?  This kit features a whopping 40 elements, 8 papers, and 9 papers.

My next kit is a super cute play on kid fun and reminds of little boys with the traffic colors!  Speedy is a great kit for creating those cute photo tags of boys and fun!  This kit features 28 elements, 6 frames, and 9 papers.

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