Let It Snow Wordart Freebie

Hey there everyone!  It's so nice to finally be back!  I've been moving around a LOT in the past 6 months and it's been crazy.  My husband is in the military and he got stationed in Korea last summer while my kids and I went back home to Michigan.  While there I lived with my in-laws for a little bit (that didn't work out), and then I lived with my mom, and now I FINALLY have my own place and my own internet! WOOHOO, LOL!  Today is actually my second day in my place and I'm surrounded by boxes and unpacking.  Blugh! I decided to take a break and share a wordart I made a couple of weeks ago.

So I was making a snag tag (shown below) and loved the wordart so much I thought I would share it with you guys!  In the file you'll find a PNG & PSD file, as well as a finished sample.  ;)  I hope you enjoy!

Here is the snag tag I made, and if you wanna snag it then feel free to click on it to enlarge before right clicking and saving to your computer.

You can also view it and some more matching ones, as well as matching avatars HERE.  

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