Old PTU Coming to FTU

So it's become apparently clear that I will not be coming back to create new kits since my last computer crash and I've decided to go ahead and start making all my PTU kits available as FTU! Que the cheers, LOL!

Every Friday I will be releasing 5 kits or so for you to download. I won't be taking them down or anything, they will be available for download from now until the end of time. I've already started uploading them to my dropbox and will be slowly adding them to the blog as I go.

Thanks for everyone who has followed my work in the past and supported me, I truly appreciated every minute of it and hope to maybe someday be able to come back in some sort of a capacity in this! I hope you all enjoy the freebies anyway, and have fun!

As always, you are welcome to post tags and things made from my kits to my facebook page, PolkaDot Scraps. Thanks so much! :D


  1. sorry about your crash but Thank you for your generosity

  2. It's a shame but my best wishes for the future, many thanks for your generosity



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