My Showcase

Hi there everyone! I've finally had the time to start posting some of my work to my brand new Showcase Blog. This blog is for all of my personal work, including tags and layouts that I've created. There I will be showing the things I create, as well as posting links to where you can find the kits I used and more!

I know that I often find great inspiration in other's work and figure out new ways of doing things by viewing other designer's work. I has helped me to progress very much and become a better designer, scrapper, and tagger. Now I'm not saying that I copy other people's tags or layouts exactly as I see them, I find that to be very wrong. What I mean is I might see how someone has changed the opacity of a tube in a tag, or how someone has clustered elements in a corner of a layout, and I try these ideas in my own designs in my own way. This is what I mean by using work for inspiration and I hope that someone might be able to use my work for inspiration as well, or at least be able to find some awesome kits and resources from my work.

So without further ado, you can see my work at or by clicking on the "My Showcase" in the link bar at the top of this blog. Thanks for reading this and I hope to talk to you guys again soon! :P

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