Siggy Showdown Forum

There's a new forum out there that I'm sooo excited to tell you all about! I'm an avid user of the site Cafemom, which I've mentioned before! There I've found a wonderful group called Siggy Showdown. They've decided to bring their awesome concept to the entire tagging community and so they've created their own forum!

Now I know what you're thinking! What makes Siggy Showdown different than other forums and why should I join? Well I'm glad you asked friend! Let me tell you! Siggy Showdown is unlike any other forum you've seen! If you haven't figured it out by the name yet, the main idea of the forum is showdowns! Challenges are posted based on experience levels and you pick which level you want to be in. Every tag that is entered in a challenge then goes to voting and the winner receives points. At the end of each quarter, the member with the most points gets free tubes and prizes! Members can even challenge each other to a showdown where their tags are facing each other in a duel!

It's totally awesome and you have to go check it out! It's still a pretty new forum and new things are being added all the time! They've even gotten a new commission from Arthur Crowe and plan on getting one from The Hunter at PTE! Visit today for all the fun and prizes!


  1. Hey Chassity...I was gonna do something similar and advertise SS on my baby blog. Would you mind if I "plagerized" you and copied your oh so elegant wording onto my own blog...I will give you credit for it of course..just will save my lazy butt some work!!! LOL Let me know.



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